Project Management

With over 30 years of contracting, project planning, financing and execution experience, Flood Mitigation Solutions is uniquely qualified to assist you with your project(s). The changing climate is increasing flood risk and as a result of the risk increasing the National Flood Insurance Program - NFIP is rapidly raising rates on the older high flood risk buildings built before the flood maps were first adopted in the community. These very high insurance rates are going to devalue these high flood risk properties and flood hazard mitigation projects of elevation and dry flood proofing will stabilize the property values. Bring us into your early project planning and let us help you.

Flood Mitigation Assessment

After a community completes a flood vulnerability assessment, the next step is to complete a flood mitigation assessment. This process evaluates the building, the flood risk and identifies the most effective flood mitigation project for the individual building. A preliminary scope of work is produced that identifies the multiple parts of the project and a preliminary budget is also produced to match the scope of work. This assessment is then ready for grant writing or other project financing methods. We work with you to find your flood mitigation solution.


Elevation of a building is a proven method of flood hazard mitigation. The elevation of a building lowers flood risk and flood insurance rates. Elevation projects employ all sectors of the construction industry from professional designers, general contractors and the professional trades. Historic buildings are unique in that they have established flood adaptation guidelines published by the National Park Service and those guidelines are often complimented by local design guidelines. The integration of the guidelines with regulatory and engineering requirements are essential in developing a winning solution. Historic buildings are also eligible for federal and state income tax credits depending if they are income producing or not. Get in touch with us to initiate our planning services.
Flood proofing a building is an alternative to elevation. Only a certified dry flood proofed non-residential building qualifies for a discounted rate from the National Flood Insurance Program. The certification requirements are set by FEMA/NFIP. Wet flood proofing is an alternative for water dependent buildings, like port buildings. The wet flood proofing of a building will lower flood damages but doesn't result in the large flood insurance discounting that dry flood proofing gets a property owner.

Historic Restoration

Our historic buildings are a valuable and tangible connection to our past and provide us a sense of place. Our historic settlement and development patterns have resulted in a lot of residential and non-residential buildings in our flood zones. Historic buildings located in FEMA flood zones are traditionally highly vulnerable.

Speaking Engagements

Flood Mitigation Solutions has partnered with multiple communities and the flood hazard mitigation/elevation industry in a post flood disaster.