Flood Mitigation Solutions was created to meet the needs of communities, groups and individuals seeking flood hazard mitigation solutions for buildings in America located in FEMA mapped flood plains.

Coastal and riverine areas in America are facing increased dangers from a changing global climate that will feature more frequent and more intense storm events and associated flooding. Sea level rise in this century will bring new flooding challenges, never before seen, for adaptation to coastal communities and the property owners in those communities. This is the greatest challenge to American coastal communities in our history as a nation.

Flood Hazard Mitigation

Flood Mitigation Solutions is experienced in all phases of flood hazard mitigation elevation or relocation project development small and large.

Presentations & Conferences

Flood Mitigation Solutions has partnered with multiple communities and the flood hazard mitigation/elevation industry in a post flood disaster.

Historic Resource Consulting

Flood Mitigation Solutions provides consulting services for historic resources in the following areas: Survey, evaluation, financial incentives programs.

Historic preservation consulting

Historic Preservation Consulting

Flood Mitigation Solutions provides professional consulting for income tax credits and compliance with state and federal guidelines for historic preservation.