The home was one of the earliest settlement homes on a farm stead at the edge of town. In modern times it sat next to the police department building. The land was needed to build a new police building, so the community funded the relocation project to preserve such an important part of the community’s history. Great care was taken to follow the approved city/CT-SHPO and National Park Service agreement for the relocation and keeping of national Register listing. 

The building was fully documented and then the roof was separated from the home. Both the main part of the home and the roof section were placed on separate steel frames and wheels for re-location. The foundation and stone walkways were carefully documented for re-construction. 

The relocation was accomplished over two different night moves. The two parts of the building were moved into place over the new foundation and reconnected. The front and sides of the foundation were reconstructed to the photo documentation and the site landscaped. 

Hoyt-Barnum House

Start of project Fall-2016

Roof separation


Re-attach roof at new location

Final completed project